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Instant Dasa Bala app screen #1

Instant Dasa Bala Android App

An app that displays planets influencing your life at any instant based on over 15 Dasa systems of Vedic astrology including Vimsottari.

Every moment of ones life is influenced by planets that take turns to bestow either good or bad results based on ones birth horoscope. Instant Dasa Bala provides the timings of these influences.

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Shadbala & Pala

The app displays the Shadbala (strength) of planet(s) ruling as well as the proportion of Ista/Kasta Pala (Favorable/Unfavorable effects) of these planets

Instant Dasa Bala app screen #3

Multiple Profiles

Instant Dasa Bala supports multiple profiles so you can save and lookup the details of your loved ones too!

Instant Dasa Bala app screen #4

Various Dasa Systems

The app displays dasa details upto 4 levels: Maha-dasa, Antar-dasa, Pratyantar-dasa and Sookshmantar-dasa

The app supports over 15 Dasa Systems including: Vimshottari, Shodashottari, Dvadashottari, Panchottari, Shatabdika, Chaturashiti Sama, Dvisaptati Sama, Shattrimshata Sama, Ashtottari (Krttikadi), Ashtottari (Ardradi), Yogini, Naisargika, Karaka, Buddhi Gati and Shashtihayani

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