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Horoscope Matcher Android App

An app to evaluate relationship compatibility based on Vedic Astrology and Synastry principles.

Horoscope Matcher implements Asta Koota, Dasa Koota, Synastry Aspects and Synastry Elements systems of matchmaking along with Kuja Dosha/Manglik analysis to evaluate relationship compatibility.

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Performs analysis of Synastry Aspects (Trines, Conjunctions, Squares etc.) categorized and scored based on their nature and impact.

Also includes synastry Element, Mode and elemental (Fire/Earth/Water/Air) Balance analysis plus scores.

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The app supports multiple matchmaking systems.

Asta, Dasa and Simplified Asta Koota systems.
Orb and Sign Synastry Aspect systems.

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Multiple Profiles

Horoscope Matcher also lets you save unlimited matchmaking details as profiles for easy retrieval anytime.

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