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Graha Transits Android App

An app that displays planetary transits and its effects as per the Gochara system of Vedic Astrology.

Gochara is a sanskrit word meaning 'movement of globes'. Transiting planets are affected favorably or unfavorably by their position from the natal Moon or the ascendant there-by influencing one's life. Graha Transits provides an analysis of these effects.

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Effects & Influences

Graha Transits provides up-to-date information of current transits and its influences.

The app also provides in depth details of the factors affecting the transit such as Vedha (blockage), Vakra (retrograde) and positional influences such as Exaltation, Debilitation etc.

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Special Transits

Graha Transits also displays special tranists such as Sade Sathi Shani as well as Guru Bala.
Also displayed is Bhrigu Bindu transit timing & its effects.

The app can be configured to display transits from either the Chandra Lagna (Moon) or the Lagna (Ascendant).

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Multiple Profiles

Graha Transits supports multiple profiles so you can save and lookup the details of your loved ones too!

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