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E Panchanga Android App

An app that displays Hindu almanac specifically tailored for your location and timezone.

A panchanga is a Hindu calendar & almanac which follows traditional units of Indian timekeeping. E Panchanga calculates the religious times of the day based on your geographical location with high precision.

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Extensive Details

The app presents a wealth of details such as Vaara, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Choghadiya, Chandrabalam, Tarabalam, Hora etc.

It also provides timings for Rahu, Gulika, Yamaganda & Amritha Kala, Varjyam, Dur & Abhijita Muhurtam etc.

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Calendar View

The app provides a calendar view as well where you can retrieve the panchanga details for any date of your choosing.

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E Panchanga features over 150 Hindu festivals and holy events.

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