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AstroVarga Now Android App

An app that displays astaka varga score for each planet in your horoscope for any instant using the Astakavarga system of Vedic Astrology.

Planets transiting zodiac signs cause favorable/unfavorable effects based on one's horoscope. AstroVarga Now quantifies these effects.

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The app provides the complete astakavarga scores for each planet as well as the summation of values for each sign known as Sarvastakavarga scores.

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Multiple Profiles

AstroVarga Now supports multiple profiles so you can save and lookup the details of your loved ones too!

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Yoga (Shodhya) Pinda

AstroVarga Now presents the Astakavarga Yoga (Shodhya) Pinda, Rasi & Graha Pinda scores and the Shodhya transits along with its effects.

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